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Carne Framsida

After several years of renewing the tango tradition,
Mikael Augustsson has now, along with some of
Sweden’s top musicians, created an album that further
pushes the boundaries. The project emanates from
Astor Piazzolla’s most experimental recordings.

It does not breathe so much South American
influences as Augustsson’s previous record
DynaMike – National Hymns (Hoob Records).
In this recording the music has taken a clear
step towards a freer sound stage where the
joint creation is even more central and direct.

Johan Lindström: Guitar & Pedal Steel (Tonbruket)
Jesper Nordenström: Organ & Piano (Goran Kajfes Suptropic Arkesta)
Andreas Unge: Bass (Best Of Sweden)
Jon Fält: Drums (Bobo Stensson)
Christopher Cantillo: Drums (Mariam The Believer)
Mikael Augustsson: Bandoneón & Accordina

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